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Always wanted to work in a diverse team, where freedom is a very important concept within your duties. Then come work at Smart-M!
As a turner at Smart-M, you will work with

Your workplace
You will be working with machines such as the Victor 36, CMZ TC-20 YS. You will also have your own workstation to programme CAD programmes for the machines. Doesn't sound wrong does it?

All in a row
Within Smart-M, you're going to perform a whole host of tasks. To make it easy for you, we have listed them all below.

  • Performing 2nd person monitoring.
    - Adjusting the tool to be used.
  • Checking the tools to be used.
  • Maintaining hours and production records.
  • Adjusting and controlling the CNC - turning machine.
  • Checking the measuring tool to be used.
  • Operating a pre-designated CNC machine.
  • Performing most common turning operations.
  • Adjusting measuring tools as required.
  • Recall and installation of existing CNC programme.
  • Creation of CNC programme (2 and multi-axis + Teach-Inn).
  • Clamping and setting the workpiece in the CNC turning machine.
  • Performing a simulation with the CNC programme to be used.
    Stop operation based on the interim measurement.
  • Determining work sequence and working method, within specified frameworks.
  • Finishing or post-processing the workpiece, e.g. by deburring or grinding.
  • Reading and explaining assignments, working drawings, CAD documents and sketches.
    Be able to make adjustments to existing CNC programme (for improvement).
  • Intermediate measuring and checking of own work, progress of machining, dimensioning, etc.
  • Check material or supplied workpiece for damage, size and material type.
  • Fixing the tool in the tool magazine of the CNC turning machine.
  • Tracking or determining machining conditions and parameters: derive from tables (conventional), otherwise record in CNC programme.
  • Checking and measuring own workpiece, for dimensions and appearance (indicating this on the drawing), using supervisor, colleagues (2nd person check) and the various measuring instruments.

What do we expect from you?
As a CNC Frezer, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • A smile on your face every day 🙂
  • An efficient use of hours & materials;
  • You have knowledge of CAM programming;
  • You are responsible for your own work;
  • You are available for a minimum of 32 hours a week;
  • BBL level 3 achieved through training and/or practical experience;
  • Being able to carry out machine maintenance, level: "user";
  • Proper use of (personal) safety equipment and cleanliness of the workplace;
  • Advanced knowledge of and skills in drawing-reading, work sequence, clamping techniques, tools (milling), coolants and lubricants, machining all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, surface roughness, measuring and measuring instruments.

What we offer you
You have a lot to offer Smart-M. Of course, it would be unfair on our part if we offered you nothing. That is why you will find below an overview of what we can offer you, of course you can discuss everything with us. Will we hear from you soon?

  • Money;
  • Minimum 32 hours per week;
  • Room for developments;
  • Courses to develop yourself;
  • Working with the latest technologies;
  • A challenging workplace with a fun team;
  • All the necessities to do your job well.

You've read our job posting and you're ready to come and apply to us; we welcome that.

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