Smart Turning

Turning with precision

CNC turning, alongside CNC milling and CNC measuring, is one of Smart-M's specialisms. Our CNC lathes are used on metal, aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. Every day, we work with CAD-CAM machines for the optimal turning of various metals.

  • All-round
  • Diameters from ø1mm to ø800 mm
  • Lengths up to 3 metres
  • Use of CAD-CAM systems
  • Certified material (3.1 & 3.2)
  • Process certification (Lloyd's & DNV)
  • Single and series products
  • Finishing possible up to 0.2mu
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Damn good turners

We believe it is important to have specialised and motivated turners. What does this show? Our turners undergo constant training to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques in CNC turning. Just as every product we deliver is unique, every employee is also unique. Everyone is important within Smart-M and we really do make the product together.

Our turners are given a lot of freedom within a project and think about every part they specialise in. This ensures that you are helped by a motivated and specialised employee.

Broertje Gonet

Foreman turning department

"Smart-M is a challenging apprenticeship company full of experienced and young professionals. You get plenty of opportunities and challenges here. I have had a nice, permanent workplace here for 21 years. As assistant foreman, I provide training on the shop floor. I still learn every day. Now I am working on a new programming system. Working with new robots, innovative products and other specialists keeps this workplace challenging. We don't really say 'no' to customers, but prefer to think along with them in terms of solutions. Thanks to our knowledge and experience plus creativity, guts and teamwork, we can make (almost) anything. Together, we go for high-quality work that is finished on time."

Trevin Koolen

Apprentice turner

"As an apprentice turner, I have only been working at Smart-M for eight months, but I am already making the most beautiful products from every metal imaginable. Every product is different and requires different points of attention. I like to help think about how to make the best product for the customer. We are also really encouraged to always work from the customer's wishes. I would like to become a foreman and can see myself staying here. At Smart-M, they offer me sufficient future prospects and challenging projects. Besides, it is a cosy company and everything is negotiable. That feels good."

Wim de Rooij

Conventional turner

"For 35 years I have been working at Smart-M. I like the old-fashioned manual work: turning, boring and conventional work. I like it here: the atmosphere, the work, nice colleagues and a good boss. Based on my knowledge and experience, I often take on specialist challenges. I see everything that is not common and difficult as a nice challenge. If a customer makes a request, we try to solve the problem as a team. We have the people and machines for complex work. I myself have trained many young professionals. Metalworking is a beautiful profession. Technical and challenging. I can recommend it."

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SMART research


Before we get started, we research what is feasible in terms of production. We do this by looking together with the manufacturer at the machine in combination with the material properties. At Smart-M, we have years of experience with this. For example, some employees have been working at Smart-M for more than 30 years.

SMART machining

CNC lathes

With our modern machinery, we achieve a smaller surface roughness.

SMART research

Conventional turning

Using conventional turning, we make single pieces of extremely large and heavy products.