Smart Measuring

To measure is to know

CNC measuring is, alongside CNC turning and CNC milling, one of Smart-M's specialisms. During the production process, we carry out various measurement checks. For example, we measure the dimensions of products and positions of various diameters and holes. Different measuring points are used, so you get an accurate result. The measurement reports are available digitally view.

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Smart Till 1.3mu

Our measurement capabilities

  • Measurement reports
  • Measuring products during and after the production process.
  • Conditioned measuring chamber
  • 3D measuring machine
  • Measurement possible up to 1.3mu
Smart Conditioned room

The measuring chamber

Temperature differences can cause metals to expand or contract. This can distort a measurement. In our conditioned measuring chamber, temperature fluctuations are not possible. We measure at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This allows measurements to be taken with extreme precision. So you are assured of accurate measurements.

Smart Machine

3D Measuring Machine

You can see our 3D measuring machine at work here. Before your product is measured, the probe is cleaned. This is done by mixing air together with alcohol. The product is then measured.

Did you know that we can measure over 2,000 angles per probe? That means no angle is impossible to measure. In addition, all our measurement programmes are made before your product is ready. This ensures that the product can come your way even faster!