Smart Milling

Praised milling in Den Bosch

Smart-M is a specialist in CNC milling in Den Bosch and the surrounding area. This specialist technique is daily business for us and we can make a product quickly and accurately. CNC milling is a machining operation in which material is removed using a rotary cutter. With CNC milling, we can make slots or cut-outs in a surface, for example. With our modern milling machines, we can machine iron, stainless steel, metal, aluminium and plastic. CNC milling is entirely computer-controlled and the accuracy of this technique is very high. Have you thought up a nice product? Then you can come to us. We have the right machine for every application.

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Smart Machining

Milling machines

Smart-M's machine park features several modern milling machines. We are known for our ability to make a product quickly and accurately. Whether it is a large series or a few pieces. Customers with a good idea are also welcome. We like to think along with you. The research department takes over the entire production process and can think along from the very first concept drawings and designs about the production method of the product and its final application. We like a challenge. Our experience and knowledge enable us to advise you properly. Our motto is therefore that we work not only for but also with the customer.

Smart Quality


It goes without saying that quality is very important to Smart-M. We therefore do everything we can to guarantee the quality of your product. This is why we have a modern three-dimensional measuring machine and an air-conditioned measuring room. This allows us to check the products for deviations during the CNC milling process. If a deviation is seen, the lathe is readjusted. For a specialist in CNC milling in Den Bosch and the surrounding area, Smart-M is the place to be.

Smart Total

Total product

Besides CNC milling, Smart-M can also CNC turn to deliver a total product to the customer. You can also come to us for an unexpected rush job. The speed with which we deliver professional work is one of our most important assets. We also continue to invest in modern machinery. So that we can continue to meet the complex demands of our customers in the future.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of CNC milling in the Den Bosch area? Then feel free to contact with us. We will be happy to show you what we have to offer and how we can best serve you.