Experienced CNC miller

Are you a star at milling and want to produce high-quality products? Are you looking for a fun job and an employer where you get the space to develop yourself and where you can grow? Then Smart-M is the place for you!

What will you do?

As a CNC miller at Smart-M Are or want to become the best in your field. Within the machining industry, you will be responsible for the manufacture of products on precise CNC machines. At Smart-M, you will work intensively with clients, our business manager and the production manager.

Work includes:

- Reading and explaining assignments, working drawings, CAD documents and sketches.
- Determining work sequence and working method, within specified frameworks.
- Tracking or determining machining conditions and parameters: derive from tables, otherwise record in CNC programme.
- Clamping and setting the workpiece in the CNC milling machine.
- Fixing the tool in the tool magazine of the CNC milling machine.
- Recall and installation of existing CNC programme.
- Be able to make adjustments to existing CNC programme (for improvement).
- Creation of CNC programme (3, 4 and 5-axis).
- You thinkt into the tool choice, machining strategy, fixture method and ultimately quality assessment.
Who are we?
Do you want to work producing metal products using state-of-the-art technology? Then you are at Smart-M to the right place.

Developing an idea into a product can be quite a challenge. That's when you need a company to guide you through the process from idea to product. At Smart-M in Kaatsheuvel, we have been involved in CNC turning, CNC milling and CNC measuring since 1966. In our advanced machine factory, we produce ferrous and non-ferrous semi-finished products. We offer you technical challenges in metalworking.

What do you bring?

Completed level 3 BBL training with extensive practical experience.
Working and thinking level MBO-4.
Have advanced knowledge and skills in drawing-reading, work sequencing, clamping techniques, tools (milling), coolants and lubricants, machining all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, surface roughness, measuring and measuring instruments.
Be able to perform machine maintenance, "user" level.
Machine fully "set up" (3, 4, 5-axis and simultaneous) + robot and automation.
"Filling" multiple machines is an advantage.
Independently adapt CAM programme for improvement (3, 4, 5-axis and simultaneous).
Full CAM programme creation (3, 4, 5-axis and simultaneous).
What do we have to offer? 

You will work in a modern company with plenty of room for own initiative and a professional collegial working atmosphere. A working environment where personal development is encouraged. Naturally, we offer an appropriate salary and have excellent terms of employment.
If you are interested or have any questions
Are you interested in this fun position with a good package of primary and secondary benefits? Then send your CV with cover letter to our Human Resources Department attn. Henk Hoogardie, via [email protected].

If you still have questions, you can always call Henk at +31 6 39 88 42 00 or Thijs the manager at +31 6 53 77 84 01

A staff member speaking:

"At Smárt-M, I get the freedom to do everything within the process. I get a lot of responsibility in the whole process from idea to product. The work is varied and I work with many different types of materials. With us, everyone is important and that is obvious. This is my area of expertise and the management trusts me completely in my way of working. Automation is becoming increasingly important in our profession and within Smart-M we get the chance to learn and develop.

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