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Metalworking Waalwijk

For metalworking in Waalwijk and the surrounding area, Smart-M in Kaatsheuvel is the designated specialist. The company has years of experience and modern machinery. Motivated and skilled professionals are always at your service. Even if you have an unexpected rush job, you can come to us. One of our many characteristics is that we can help our customers quickly and competently.

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Smart Craftsmanship


Smart-M is the designated metalworking company in Waalwijk and the surrounding area. We deliver precision craftsmanship and have a modern machine park with many possibilities. The customer's wishes are always at the forefront, which is noticeable in various ways. After all, we work not only for but also with our customers. If you have a good idea, you can always come to us. Our research and design department will be happy to help you develop your idea into a tangible product.

Smart Future


What exactly is metalworking? It is a broad term that covers many things. Smart-M can help you in many different ways. There is modern machinery at your disposal. In recent years, we have invested heavily in advanced tools. We have modern machining tools at our disposal. And our measuring equipment ensures perfect execution of all possible jobs. Our modern computer software displays three-dimensional models so that the customer gets a picture of the future result before and during development. With these modern techniques, we at Smart-M look to the future with great confidence.

Smart People

close-knit team

Smart-M invests not only in modern machinery but also in expert craftsmen. The company is strong through optimal cooperation between man and machine. After all, you can't have one without the other. Our motivated professionals know what they are doing. After all, metalworking is above all precision craftsmanship. Smart-M works for various companies. From sole traders to large multinationals.

Have you become curious about the possibilities of metalworking in Waalwijk and surroundings at Smart-M? Then feel free to contact with one of our employees. We will then show you what is possible in terms of metalworking and what we can do for you. Because at Smart-M, the customer is king.