Working together for a bright future

Together with other companies, industry associations, government and civil society organisations, we signed the covenant 'Together towards responsible metal chains'. The aim of the covenant is to promote international corporate responsibility. We do this by reducing human rights and environmental abuses in the metal sector.

Smart Taking responsibility

Metals agreement

By actively participating in the metals agreement, we take responsibility for all aspects of our production chain. By cooperating with other organisations, we can jointly tackle abuses in our chain.

By working with Smart-M, you are assured that your organisation is working with an honest organisation. Want to know more about the metal covenant?

SMART questions


Where does metal actually come from? How does metal affect the environment? Which people work in metal mining? What happens to our waste? All questions we do not have answers to at the moment, but questions we want answers to!

Want to know more about the covenant? Feel free to contact us.

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