Smart Milling

Turning and milling, that's the place to be!

For turning and milling, turn to Smart-M in Kaatsheuvel. We have years of experience in these specialised techniques and have an extensive and advanced range of machinery. Turning and milling are special machining operations. Turning is done on a lathe and milling on a milling machine. Turning and milling can be done conventionally or computer-controlled on a CNC turning or milling machine. All this is possible at our company. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you on what would best suit your product.

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Smart Turning


Proper turning is a skill in itself. Before your product has the desired shape, a lot is involved. The machine must be set properly by the turner, the speed must be just right and choosing the right chisels is also very important. At Smart-M, we not only have the right equipment, but also experienced professionals with a passion for their work. As a result, the combination of man and machine is ideal.

Smart Milling


Milling is yet another technique. A milling cutter performs an operation on a product. The product itself is fixed in a clamp and the milling cutter moves in different positions to give the product the right shape. An important difference between milling and turning is therefore that in milling the product does not move, while in turning the product does move because it rotates in the clamp. In milling, only the tool rotates. Again, the combination of good tools and good craftsmen is very important.

Smart Total

Total product

Smart-M's strength is that they can always offer a total product. Because both turning and milling are no problem at all. This allows us to work efficiently and cost-effectively. Do you have an urgent job? That's no problem for us either. The speed with which we deliver professional work is one of our most important assets. We also continue to invest in modern machinery. So that we can continue to meet the complex demands of our customers in the future.

Would you like to know more about turning and milling options? Then feel free to contact with us. We will be happy to show you what we have to offer and how we can best serve you.