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We are getting bigger and bigger products to transport. Previously, we had to outsource this, but that is now a thing of the past.

From today, Smart-M can transport up to 6 pallets in its new 400x180cm trailer. Adding to that, our van can carry 4 pallets and 4+6 makes 10. So a whole lot of pallets, which we prefer to deliver to you!

Have you seen our trailer passing by?

We can deliver desired Franco House. Curious about what else we can do for you? Then take contact with us.

Overview in planning

Overview in planning

Party at Smart-M, as from July we will start planning with vPlan! 🎉

In recent months, we have been looking for systems that fit our vision within Smart-M. One of these systems had to be a clear schedule for the planners, but also for the users.

During this search, we came into contact with Vplan. Vplan is easy to use and links up with our ERP system. With vPlan, we hope to get an overview of our planning. We will not only plan production, but also sales opportunities, quotations, work preparation, outsourcing, transport, logistics and camming. 

We also have planning boards for internal processes, for example planning for social media and to reserve rooms.

The advantage in vPlan is that we can plan at both human and machine level. This gives us a lot of freedom, but also a clear overview. In addition, vPlan allows us to analyse our data and see where we can make improvements.

We found the contact with vPlan very pleasant. The implementation only took two half days and the training provided by vPlan was also very clear.

We are going for a great collaboration, with lots of planning fun!

Mission & Core values

Mission & Core values

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work evaluating Smart-M. We have, of course, already been rebranded, but besides that, it was also time to look at what our mission and core values are.

Smart-M's mission statement reads as follows:

"Use our guts for creation of smart innovation, together"

Indeed, we dare to taking on assignments we have never before have implemented. We see challenges as opportunities.

Our core values are:

  • Challenge
  • Equality
  • Innovation.

Would you like to apply them with us?